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once upon a Funk, in a no-man's land paradise of freaks, tweaks and suspicious lollipops, there was a mighty factory of Hokum that stunk up the Land. With the strangest and boldest ideas , the Factory vowed to bring a new spunk of funk and fresh hokum to the people. All types of bizarre and unsafe designs where thus experimented with and it goes without saying that the workers were all subjected to the side effects of all this uh... uh.."research"  (well, shit, they were volunteers. that's on them)

...and that's where the band met. 

ex-workers Radiating from all types of groovy mutations and side-sound effects, they decided to put a band together and take it to stage so they could tell the tall tales of the Factory and bring it to the people.

very little people understood what they were talking about,  but they kept going. ( I mean.. who cares what it all means when the party is poppin'?)

and so they went, and funked, and now travel around with their folklore, bringing the hokum show to the people.

and that's what happened....

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